Music We Blast: Cousin Stizz

Christopher Collins

Taken by 1990 in 2015

Cousin Stizz is a rapper from Field's Corner, a neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts, and that's the first thing he will tell you on stage at his show. Born in 1992, Stizz hails from a fleeting generation of 90s kids who grew up without cell phones and social media. He first started making music full time in the summer of 2013, after fellow Dorchester native and close friend Michael Christmas started gaining recognition in the rap world. Stizz approached Christmas' manager, Boston University graduate Tim Larew, and let him know of his plans to make a run at music. One of Stizz's first songs was called "Fireman" and did not gain the planned traction on Soundcloud.

His next song, "Shoutout," was a different story. Within months, Drake posted a video to his Instagram on his birthday listening to Stizz's track. Stizz knew at that point he was getting somewhere. His debut tape Suffolk County dropped in 2015 and was named one of Complex's best albums of the year. 

Known for using underground producers, Stizz's beat selection is one of his best qualities. Most of his collabs are with Boston and East Coast-based artists, notably Tee-WaTT and DumDrumz. Stizz has continued to climb the rankings, circling the country twice on tours of his own. He has collaborated with Super Duper Kyle, G-Eazy, and Offset of Migos, among others. His most recent hit is called Lambo, and the video can be seen below.